Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team may be small in number, but we are mighty at heart.

Diving, and providing you great classes, gear and diving experiences, is our number one and only job.

You'll find us in the Bay City and Midland dive shops six days a week, and teaching and diving in the evenings and on weekends.

Stop by to see us or join us on a dive soon.

Keith Hintz,

Owner/NAUI Instructor

Keith took a SCUBA diving class in college as a phys ed credit and he was hooked.  Now, he is the longest teaching active SCUBA instructor in the Tri-City area.  Introducing new students to the sport is by far his favorite part of his "job".  He is Dive & Glide's  gear service tech too.  He has disassembled and reassembled literally THOUSANDS of regulators over the years. There is likely not a piece of dive gear out there he does not know about.  In fact, if you visit Dive & Glide and can think of one that stumps him, we've got a door prize for you!  His dream dive destination at this time is Guadelupe Island to do some cage diving to see Great White Sharks.  Want to join him?  Summer 2020!!

Angie Klapish-Widmer

Travel Agent

Did you know Angie is a Travel Agent?  In addition to managing the daily operations of the shops, classes, and events, she plans travel daily and would be happy to assist you with your next dream vacation.  She loves to travel and visit new places.  But truth be told, her absolute favorite vacation is a good old fashion road trip with her husband, Andy, to where ever the road may go.  Although she doesn't dive as much as the guys, she loves her job, working with happy, smiling people doing what brings them joy.  SCUBA diving does that to you!  If you're interested in giving SCUBA diving a try or are ready to get out on a new adventure, give her a call, she's happy to help you get started.

Chad Blower,

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Chad took his first SCUBA diving class in 1990 but didn’t become a PADI Instructor until 2014. Since becoming an instructor he’s logged over 1,500 dives, almost all in fresh water. Chad is an Army Veteran and while stationed in Germany he grew to love the country.  So he stayed there just shy of 17 years before moving back to Michigan.  He developed a passion for cold water diving while in Germany and is planning to return there in the next couple of years with a group of divers in tow.  It will be a sight-seeing and diving extravaganza.  Stop by to see him if you'd like to join the fun.  Outside of diving his hobbies include hunting, shooting, cold-process soap making, backpacking and camping.

Jacob T. Nelson,

PADI Divemaster


We first met Jacob several years ago when the Scout Troop of which he is a member enlisted our services to train them to SCUBA Dive.  Jacob decided as he was completing his training that he'd prefer a diving occupation over any other. So he joined Dive & Glide and become a PADI Divemaster. He's now training to become an instructor.  Jacob is often at our pool sessions, in the dive shop several days a week, and frequents open water certification dives with Keith and Chad as well.  If you know anyone interested in giving SCUBA diving a try, call the shop and ask for him.  He'd be happy to get them scheduled for a dive.

About Us

Keith and I opened Dive & Glide in 1997, and have been blessed to call it our workplace ever since.  If you can really call doing what you love "work", that is. 


We've met thousands of amazing people and had countless adventures on and under water all over the world.  

Our goal at Dive & Glide has never been to get large numbers of divers in and out the doors for the sole purpose of profit. WE DO WHAT WE DO BECAUSE WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!  And we want you to love it too!  We are proud our staff provides quality education and gear to our clients every day, sending all of our snorkeling and diving friends out into the water world with knowledge, comfort, skill and a desire and love to dive.


Beginning student divers become great SCUBA divers through patient instruction, direct interaction, and dedication of time and knowledge from seasoned professionals.  Keith has been teaching kids and adults of all ages since he was just a kid himself and has logged thousands of dives.  He is the Tri-Cities longest teaching, full-time SCUBA instructor.  He's taught all levels of students, and provides training and service to public safety departments throughout Michigan, in the Lower and Upper Peninsula.  The team members we have chosen are with us because they rise to the same standards and we are confident in their skills as certified SCUBA professionals.


At Dive & Glide, we are dedicated to providing SCUBA training to everyone inclined to learn and sometimes travel great distances to provide students an opportunity to learn in their home area.


Our classes and pool sessions are limited in size, giving each student the time and attention they deserve. There is opportunity to ask questions, find flexible course schedules, request one-on-one class sessions, and attend additional pool training sessions as desired.

At Dive & Glide, we strive to offer the best learning environment possible.  Attention to detail and quality extends to every aspect of the business, from diving courses to products, services, travel plans and even customers budgets and financing.  The team we've put together, we know and trust.  We're confident you'll feel you've received quality treatment when you call or visit.


So, if you are a diver or have ever wanted to try snorkeling or SCUBA diving, consider Dive & Glide.  We'd love to have you join us for a class or trip.  If you're already a certified diver, come share YOUR adventures with us!!


Warm Regards ~ Angie, Co-Owner/Diver/Travel Agent

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