Kids can snorkel and SCUBA dive!

We have events for kids ages 8 to 15.  Hour long, one day, multi-day or more lengthy, educational opportunities for your children.  They can attend pool sessions to try out snorkeling and SCUBA diving, get more in-depth exposure during camp or have a "pool party" with a group of friends.


Enroll them in a Dive & Glide event that puts them in the water with a seasoned professional who understand their needs.  Our lead instructor has been training kids of all ages for more than two decades, and began diving when he was just a youngster himself.  So rest assured your children are well supervised when you introduce them to snorkeling or SCUBA diving with Dive & Glide.

Group Pricing:  We offer privately scheduled pool sessions, classes and lake dives for groups.  If you have a group of children ages 6 to 15 that would enjoy an event we can offer, call us at (989) 486-3627 to obtain pricing and scheduling information.  Group discount prices are available upon request.