Dive & Glide is proud to offer both NAUI and PADI courses.

For more information about our dedicated instructors or courses they teach, use the links below.

Dive & Glide NAUI SCUBA Instructor

Keith D. Hintz

Dive & Glide PADI SCUBA Instructor

Chad R. Blower

Getting Started . . . Is As Easy As . . . 1, 2, 3 . . .
Desire.  That's how it begins.  So, check mark that, you've made it here.
Now, get off your duff and come see us!  Or call us.  Or, if you're in a real hurry and can't wait one more minute to begin, start right now from the comfort of that chair you've planted in by checking class dates.  It's time to pull those roots and get on with the underwater adventures!
Enjoy yourself!  SCUBA diving is both an exciting and relaxing adventure.  Break away from everyday mundane tasks or save yourself from chaotic monotony with trips to the lake and ocean.  You won't regret a minute or dime spent.  In fact, you'll discover the only regret divers have ... is not getting started sooner.  "Carpe diem!"